The Technology Teachers’ Association (T.T.A.)

T.T.A.  (Ε.Τ.Ε. in Greek language) was founded as a professional union under the name ‘Panhellenic Union of Educational Technological Engineers of ASETEM/SELETE graduates’  in 1975.   T.T.A. (Technology Teachers’ Association)   as the successor Union,  is a Panhellenic Scientific Association founded in 1996 and has among its members the graduates of ASETEM/SELETE and the Technological Departments (four or five years of study) of ASPAITE  (Higher School of Pedagogical and Technological Education) which is the universal successor of SELETE .

It has local branches in all regions of the country. A significant number of members are engaged in professions related to their specialty, whether in the public or private sector.

The majority of  T.T.A.  members work in secondary vocational schools in Greece, but also in many gymnasiums, general high schools, vocational training institutes, and other vocational education and training schools.

T.T.A. is a scientific association, and its members, in terms of their union activity, are active in the relevant primary and secondary unions. As an association of teachers with a high educational consciousness, since its members have chosen the educational function from the beginning, it has not stopped for a moment, and as long as its powers allow, it will strive for the improvement and raising of the level of technological education in our country. It conducts research and submits proposals for professional education and training in Greece, which result from scientific groups, workshops, and conferences. It maintains constant communication with its members and the wider educational community through its website (, where visitors can be informed and exchange views.

T.T.A. has successfully implemented European mobility programs (LDV VETPro,   Erasmus +) with the participation of trainers from all over Greece. It continues this successful activity, holding the Mobility Charter for Vocational Education and Training.