The Technology Teachers’ Association (

       The Technology Teachers’ Association ( represents 4.000 teachers and its’ members belong to secondary technological schools from all over Greece. The “TTA” has local branches in the Greek region and is also a member of the global organization WOCATE (World Council of Associations for Technology Education) which has members in 26 countries and a mission to promote and develop technological education worldwide. 

       Technology Teachers’ Association is a scientific association which conducts researches and proposals about vocational education and training in Greece along with initiatives such as symposiums, meetings and conferences. It publishes the Educational Technology Information journal which refers to educational technology and informs the educational community about innovative developments, various citations and evaluates significant issues.

 The Association maintains constant communication with its members’ through the website which is a place where visitors can get informed and exchange points of view.

“TTA” has successfully implemented LDV VET Pro mobility programmes involving tutors from all over Greece.